Our Story

Our founding brothers, Casey and JP, grew up with a mom who loves baking. From an early age, she instilled a love of baking in both of them. One day, Casey was looking at kitchen supplies and had an idea to start his very own kitchen store with his brother JP. 

The brothers followed their dreams and officially started the business on October 1, 2020. 

Barefoot Baking is currently a small, but quickly growing, business located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We have a local retail store and also sell our products on our own website.

What We Sell

We want our customers to be well-equipped to get creative in the kitchen with our quality products. We believe in selling high-quality kitchen products that will create masterpieces in the kitchen. 

Focus on Sustainability

There is nothing more natural than bare feet. We strive to live up to our natural name by offering environmentally-friendly products. We use only 100% recycled shopping bags. We also recycle thousands of pounds of cardboard that we receive in our shipping department.

Meet the Team



Jon W.

Warehouse Manager

Eden L.

Retail & Marketing Manager